SEO content agency: what are the selection criteria.?


To best ensure its visibility on the net, SEO content is king and only a qualified professional can produce relevant texts with natural referencing. This is important in the deployment of your activity on the internet.

Thus, it is wise to have recourse to an advanced professional. Here are some criteria to identify a serious SEO content agency.

seo content agency diagnosis

Make a diagnosis on the site of the SEO content agency  

The  performance  of an SEO content agency is evaluated on the basis of the number and reputation of its clients. For this, it is necessary to search on its site for the people or companies for which the agency has worked.

Like the website , the professional must fill in all the information that will allow it to be evaluated. Thus, you will be able to contact customers if necessary so that they can provide you with feedback.

The agency’s e-reputation

Notoriety  on the web also makes it  possible to perceive in part the level of expertise of an SEO content agency. To this end, go to her blog or look for events in which she participated.

A visit to its social media to view its profiles or to forums to read customer testimonials is one avenue to consider. This makes it possible to collect effective data on the notoriety of the agency. The verification of its e-reputation makes it possible to confirm the information collected on its site, and therefore its  reliability .

The size and financial health of the agency

Depending on whether you are a very large company or an SME, your content needs will be different. In the first case, you need to make sure that the agency has a large group of  copywriters and SEO consultants . In the second case, an agency with a small group would suffice.

This will not only improve the SEO health of your site, but also create a close relationship based on trust and agility.

In addition, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the SEO agency, whatever its size, has substantial financial resources, so as not to see your investments go to waste in the event of bankruptcy.

The sincerity and transparency of the agency

The web editorial agency must be involved and involve all the parties and elements necessary to achieve the objectives. It must be able to clearly explain its roadmap to you, the SEO techniques it uses in accordance with Google’s rules. Also, you must be able to count on a  monthly report  based on  performance indicators  ; explain.

Above all, a good SEO content agency should not give sweet talk. Like ensuring that in two months, your site would be among the top three results! It’s an untruth and SEO is an inexact science. According to Google’s rules, you have to wait 3 to 6 months to hope for a good SEO.

An SEO agency works on the principle of pay-for-results

content agency compensation

An SEO agency that is sincere should not claim compensation when it fails to meet its objectives. From the outset, it is recommended to establish this rule. In particular, in the contract, your SEO agency should mention this aspect.

It is a virtuous model that aligns all stakeholders on the same objectives. It is also necessary to check the  conditions stipulated by the contract  : the duration of the contract and the conditions of its resilience, the services to be performed such as the production or not of content, regular reporting, the netlinking campaign, etc.

The analysis tools used by the SEO agency

To  measure the effectiveness  of an SEO strategy and also to carry out its mission, the SEO agency must  use analysis tools  that it should present to you. Tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, SEObserver, and many more.

He is also required to have his team trained in the use of said tools. Training certificates are sufficient to verify whether the team is really competent in this area. Mastering the analysis tools is a necessary technique to monitor the progress of the objectives set.

An SEO agency concerned with the success of your objectives

A reliable SEO content agency should provide specific solutions to your business priorities. It must offer a solution that goes beyond traffic and integrate your objectives into its SEO strategy for  more relevant and profitable results .

Above all, the SEO agency must not offer you practices that prevent you from pursuing your objectives with another SEO provider. For this, it does not have to create a Google tools account for monitoring the performance of your site, or even buy a domain name in your name. You must absolutely  retain ownership of your SEO tools  by refusing these offers.

And there you have it, by observing these few criteria, you can be sure to choose an SEO content agency that will perfectly meet your expectations

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