What are the best website designs of the year.?


Web design is an ever-changing field – this year’s big novelty might not exist next year. But some website design trends are here to stay.

The latest web design trends seem to have their origins in the late 90s. Web designers are experimenting with different ways to use typography, muted colors, serif fonts, all while keeping their design from looking too retro.

Are you looking for ideas for the design of your website? Before presenting our selection, here is a reminder about the basics of web design.

Websites also fulfill the function of information centers, on which companies post their latest news, enabling them to keep their customers up to date with the latest information concerning them.

Before you even start working with your web designer on ideas, make sure you have a clear understanding of the purpose of your website.

Whether you want to use it to communicate your expertise or generate leads, it will have a huge impact on the design elements of your site.

The simplicity

If your goal is to prioritize user experience (UX) on your site, then go with a simple, minimalist design.

Limit the number of colors you will use on your site.

Choose readable fonts, no more than 3.

Finally, choose images that represent the spirit of your business, without overdoing it either.


Navigation is one of the key design elements of your site . Whether you opt for a simple and intuitive navigation or for an interactive experience, the visitor must be able to navigate easily on your site.

Your instructions to your web designer should be the following: simplicity, intuition and consistency on each page.

The F-structure or F-pattern

If you study the navigation of people on your website, you will surely notice that it adopts an F structure.

This means that users “scan” the left side of a page to determine context and head to the right for more information.

Following this logic, you will place the main topics of your site on the left and then you can use the right side for secondary information.

The visual hierarchy

The arrangement of design elements on a page is also important.

Use different font sizes, colors, and spaces between headings to create a visual hierarchy that helps visitors find their way around your site.

The contents

All good sites have two things in common: good design and good content.

Make sure to use persuasive language with quality content that will attract visitors and push them to action: buy, register, subscribe to the service…

Layout using graphic grids

Graphic grids are very versatile elements that you can use to create beautiful website designs .

These grids help web designers structure the final design and organize all the elements.

Using a graphic grid-based layout for your landing page is sure to result in a very pleasing design.

loading time

Pages that load quickly tend to receive more visitors and achieve more conversions than those that load slowly.

Many designers focus on creating “pretty designs”, forgetting that the size of certain elements can slow down the loading time.

So, make sure that the time your pages take to load is optimized and does not exceed 3 seconds.

Now that we’ve covered the factors that make for good website design, it’s time to explore the latest trends.

Obviously, there is no “best website design”, tastes and colors are not in dispute, but our selection collects what is done the most.

20 website design trends in 2022

Do you want your site to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your visitor and make your brand more memorable? Here are the latest dominant website design trends in 2022 .

Mobile app experience

Today, people spend hours a day on their smartphones. They’re used to mobile apps that focus on interaction and a dynamic experience.

Thus, 2022 is the right year to bring this energy to the design of websites. Websites focusing on user experience will be a dominant trend this year.

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